Tran Family Chapel

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An is one of those chapels in Hoi An, Vietnam that belong to the early nineteenth century. The chapel is a reflection of Vietnamese aristocracy and it also bears cultural and traditional values in it. To the visitors, The Tran Family Home and Chapel is a famous tourist attraction. People f-rom all over the world come to visit this chapel.

The Tran Family Chapel Hoi An is located in the 21 Le Loi, Hoi An in Vietnam. The chapel got its name f-rom its own builder named Tran Tu Nhuc. In the year 1802, this person made this home and chapel for the purpose of worshiping his ancestors. The chapel is designed beautifully. The design of the building reflects genius of Chinese architecture. There are many antiques and traditional gifts in the Tran Family Home and Chapel. The chapel is also a reflection of the period it was built. It has two openings in it. One of the drawing room and other is the ancestral part of the chapel.

Here the description doesn’t end. The drawing room of the chapel has separate entries for men and women. The left door is for the men and the door at the right side is only for the women. There is another door in the center of the room except these two. This door is made for the purpose of festivals like Tet etc. this is a traditional festival in which they believe that their ancestors return by the central door of the room.

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