Cam Thanh Water Coconut Palm Village

Cam Thanh Water Coconut Palm Village is located apposite to Cua Dai Estuary, Hoi An, Quang Nam. The village is still less known by foreign tourists.

During the Vietnam war Cam Thanh Water Coconut Palm Village was the shelter for local people and soldiers. Nowadays, it is an ideal place for tourist discovering; and for fishing boats to hide from strong wind during the wet season.

The most typical way to travel through the place is coracle (Basket boat) which fishermen use to transfer or go fishing off shore.

Tourists can take road way from many directions to the place. The waterway can start from Hoi An or Cua Dai river (The end of Thu Bon river before it meets Hoi An the sea).

We can help you to discover the palm groove and learn about fishing life of the area. There are many ways of fishing here but the most interesting ways for tourists are casting net and lifting round net. You will go with fishermen to have real life of fishing.

The basket boat offers tourists exciting moment when they go to catch fish and help the fisherman work. Then, you go through the groove to see insight the palm tree with different shapes and ages. Many little crabs run around the palm roots; stop gently and catch them by fishing rods.

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